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Arbish Sports Industries offer a facility to a range of clothing label types in varied shapes, materials and color designs. Minimum order quantity is 2000 pcs per design, shape OR size.

There are a variety of labels used in clothing. Primarily, clothing labels can be divided into 2 types based on the materials are used to produce them and the applications of the labels:

Woven Label and Printed label

There are multiple variations of Woven labels & Printed Labels based on the materials & applications in different parts of clothing.


Woven Label

  1. Main label / Brand label
  2. Made in label
  3. Size Label
  4. Flag label
  5. Printed label

Printed Label

  1. Main Label / Brand label
  2. Care Label
  3. Price Label / Hang Tag
  4. Composition label
Custom Label Types, we use in our clothing