Balaclava ASI-BC-00103

Balaclava ASI-BC-00103

Material: 90% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Fabric: Fleece

Technique: Embroidery, Printing, Labeling

Features: Breathable, Moisture Wicking, Soft and Comfortable

Closure: Elastic

Decoration: Customizable with Logo or Brand

OEM/ODM: Available According to Customer’s Needs

Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

The Balaclava ASI-BC-00103 is made of a fleece fabric and is constructed from 90% polyester, 8% nylon, and 2% spandex. It features embroidery, printing, and labeling techniques and offers breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and a soft and comfortable feel. The balaclava has an elastic closure and can be customized with your logo or brand. It provides OEM/ODM options for meeting specific customer requirements and is available in various colors and sizes to accommodate different preferences.

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